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The design for Wild Rivers is beginning to take form. Take a look at the latest site plan. Did we bring back the Wild Rivers' Mountain? You bet we did! You cannot tell on the plan but the mountain runs nearly the length of the site at the bottom of the site between the wavepool and the storage building. In the coming months we will be asking our fans to suggest names and colors schemes for the rides.

The only things yet to do with the City is for staff to finish their review of the environmental studies and for the City Council to approve the environmental report and approve a final lease. We hope to get this finished with the existing Council before the election.

Wild Rivers Irvine Park Design

I would be remiss if I did not thank Council majority (Mayor Don Wagner, Councilmember Christina Shea, and Councilmember Melissa Fox) for all their support in getting Wild Rivers this far. After years of stagnation the Great Park has seen significant progress since this Council was seated, including the completion of one of the largest Sports Parks in the world. All this progress was made because this Council majority behaved much differently than those in the past. These members with different political ideologies decided to reach across the aisle and work together for the betterment of the residents they represent. I thank them for their leadership.

I ask all the Wild Rivers fans to do a little research on both Lauren and Anthony and consider voting for them to represent you. In a world where our politicians seem to serve themselves and their parties, Irvine could stand as an example of what can be accomplished when all the leaders, regardless of party affiliation, work together for the greater good. Hopefully Wild Rivers will be through our process before the election but we are a member of the Irvine community and are excited not just about returning but about the possibility of progress under a cohesive City Council.

To learn more about Anthony click here: Anthony Kuo for Irvine

To learn more about Lauren click here: Lauren Johnson-Norris for Irvine



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