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Unfortunately Wild Rivers will not be opening in the Great Park next summer.

The master plan was to build and open the waterpark for the 2015 season. We initially had a lease with the County of Orange to do just that but due to complications with our funding partners the lease was later terminated by the county. We hoped that with our financing resecured we could reinstate the lease with the County but were unfortunately informed that a waterpark no longer fit into the counties plans for their 100-acre parcel that sits just outside the Great Park. We are continuing our search for land to develop a new and improved Wild Rivers within the Great Park or elsewhere in Orange County. We currently do not have a tentative date of when the new park might open.

On a brighter note, Wild Rivers is negotiating with the City of Temecula to build a new Wild Rivers Waterpark there. We are very optimistic that the waterpark will open in May of 2016.

Thank you for your support while we continue our efforts to bring Wild Rivers Waterpark back to Orange County!


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