Code of Conduct


Wild Rivers is in the business of fun and we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience in the waterpark for every guest.

The following acts and or behaviors are not permitted at Wild Rivers and may results in ejection from the park without refund:
  • Fighting or physical aggression of any kind, including verbal and physical assault
  • Carrying firearms, ammunitions, knives, and weapons of any kind, prohibited items, or any other item we deem to be prohibited at Wild Rivers discretion
  • Disruptive or unruly behavior that interferes with our guest’s enjoyment of the park
  • Unsolicited photographing or video recording that disrupts any guest’s experience or interferes with park operations
  • Behavior or acts that management determines is a safety concern, interrupts park operations or guests’ experience
  • Offensive language or gestures
  • Harassing, threatening behavior, lewd behavior, sexual misconduct, including inappropriate interaction with park guests or our employees
  • Substance impairment or intoxication resulting in irresponsible behavior
  • Smoking or vaping inside the park or anywhere on Wild Rivers and City of Irvine property
  • Clothing with obscene or offensive language, gestures, graphics, nudity
  • Clothing that does not sufficiently cover undergarments
  • Cutting lines, including leaving and reentering a line for any reasons or place holding in a line
  • Entering any restricted or back of house area
  • Failure to follow printed or verbal instructions or failure to cooperate with park personnel or security
  • Theft of any kind
  • Selling or involvement in the sale of Wild Rivers tickets
Dress Code
Guests should review our dress code that is outlined in our FAQs.
Wild Rivers is a family friendly waterpark and atmosphere. Clothing, swimwear, and accessories must meet our Dress Code and Code of Conduct.
Rides and attractions may have additional restrictions on swimwear and attire.
Personal Conduct
Any conduct deemed inappropriate for the peace and good order of the park, guests, and or associations, and any conduct that may affect the safety of others or safe operation of the park is not permitted. Any individual who violates the Code of Conduct may be ejected from Wild Rivers without refund.
Guests who witness violations of the Code of Conduct are encouraged to report it to the nearest Wild Rivers employee or security. You may also call (949) 749-1900 to report violations.
Wild Rivers reserves the right to modify, revise, and change this Code of Conduct without notice.
Park Guidelines
In order for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience at Wild Rivers, we have established the following guidelines.
  • No drugs, tobacco, e-cigarettes, or vapes
  • No alcohol
  • No glass containers of any kind
  • No outside food or drinks, including ice chests
The following items are allowed into Wild Rivers:
  • Personal water containers, but they must be emptied and can be filled at any of our water bottle filling stations
  • Bottles of water that are sealed
  • Soft-sided coolers no larger than 12″ x 12″ x 12″ that contain nothing more than sealed water bottles
  • Water shoes, but they may not be worn on certain rides and attractions
  • Coast guard approved floatation devices