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This family water ride is an aquatic resemblance of the largest snake in the world- the Anaconda. While not to be feared like the snake, this serpentine style family ride is one of four six-passenger raft rides at Wild Rivers.

Hop into and get seated in a giant circular raft with up to six of your friends to begin your adventure. However, like the legendary green snake this ride isn’t tame and has a bite. Your descent begins in an open flume, but quickly changes after a quick turn as you enter a fully enclosed flume. As the raft picks up speed you’ll oscillate back and forth with each turn riding the walls. But beware the Aquaconda awaits with a sudden surprise drop into the splash down pool for the thrilling finale.

Aquaconda is likely to become a family favorite.

Ride Type
Family Raft Ride

Number of Riders
3 – 6 riders per raft

61 feet

587 feet

Height Requirement
Minimum Height 42” (107 cm)

Safety Restrictions
Maximum combined weight 1,000 lbs per raft

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