Bora Bora Boomerango

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Get your mates together, board a raft, and hang on tight on Bora Bora Boomerango, one of four thrilling, family raft rides at Wild Rivers.

Climb aboard a raft to begin an adventure with several other sheilas and blokes. The experience starts by navigating a winding, open-air flume. However, don’t let the tame start fool you mate, as soon you’ll be accelerating towards an abyss where you and your mates are left to plummet down a ripper drop to face a giant wall.

Like the curved flat piece of Australian wood, your raft, will boomerang up and back down the giant, steep wall.

What makes this ride so sick is the moment where you and your raft mates will feel totally weightless! This is what makes Bora Bora Boomerango one of the most bonzer waterpark rides in the world!

Ride Type
Family Boomerango

Number of Riders
3 – 6 riders per raft

61 feet

494 feet

Height Requirement
Minimum Height 42” (107 cm)

Safety Restrictions
Maximum combined weight 1,000 lbs per raft

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