Pelican Plunge

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These giant ocean birds with a wingspan reaching just over six feet, soar high above the water looking for fish. When they spot their prey, they turn into a shooting arrow and plunge at high-speed straight for the water.

Take flight on Pelican’s Plunge, where you and a friend seated in a tube take on the role of the Pelican. Prepare yourself as your ride will start with a steep dive into the water. Like the bird, at the bottom of this drop you’ll swoop up and ascend an uphill section of the flume propelled by a stream of water.

You’ll then soar around an enclosed section before diving again and ascending a second hill. The first half of this experience is similar to that of a roller coaster.

Pelican’s Plunge continues inside an enclosed flume that leads to the final element, the Rattler. Like the bird celebrates with a mouthful of fish, you’ll cheer aloud inside a giant tumbler, rocking back and forth as you float towards the splash down pool.

Ride Type
Water Coaster & Rattler

Number of Riders
1 or 2 riders on a double tube

41 feet

558 feet

Height Requirement
Minimum Height 48” (122 cm)

Safety Restrictions
Maximum weight of single rider 300 lbs or combined weight 400 lbs for double rider

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