Shaka Bay Wavepool

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In the Hawaiian Islands the shaka sign is an expression of friendly messages like “hang loose” or “take it easy”. To make the shaka, you curl your three middle fingers while extending your thumb and baby finger. This gesture towards others is known to spread the aloha spirt.

At Wild Rivers Shaka Bay is the place where you can take it easy and hang loose in cool blue waters and catch a wave for a little excitement.

At 25,000 square feet this wavepool offers guests plenty of room to spread out and play. Shaka Bay also has two separate beach entries for easy access.

Young children can jump in the gentle waves that roll into the small beach or from the large beach you can swim into the main surf zone to ride the waves while floating in a tube or attempt some bodysurfing.

When you catch the perfect wave and your face lights up with excitement, raise your arm and give us a shaka to show your approval.

Attraction Type

Pool Size
25,000 square feet

Floatation Devices
Complimentary tubes and life jackets are provided

Height Requirement
Guests under 48” must wear a provided life jacket

Safety Requirements
Maximum pool depth 6-feet (1.83 m)

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