Season Passes


ON SALE – $129.99 

(Regular Price $149.99)

Flowing Careers: Navigating Your Professional River
  • Admission on Regular Scheduled 2024 Operating Days except for blackout dates.  (See below)

  • Season Souvenir Bottle for $49


  • 2024 Season Parking Pass Add on Available $95

  • Blackout Dates:  Silver Pass not valid for admission on Saturdays and Sundays from June 15 through September 29 and Fridays from July 5 – August 9.

  • Note:  Park will be closed July 16th, 17th, and 18th for a Private Event.


ON SALE – $179.99 

(Regular Price $199.99)

Flowing Careers: Navigating Your Professional River
  • Unlimited Admission – On any regular scheduled 2024 operating day.

  • Season Pass Preview Day – May 5, 2024*

  • 2024 Season Parking Pass Add on Available for $95
  • Bring a Friend Free – Any regular operating day in May.

  • Two (2) Early Entry on Select Days

  • Season Souvenir Bottle for $45

  • Passholder and friend must be present at time of passholder’s initial entry.

  • Note:  Park will be closed July 16th, 17th, and 18th for a Private Event.


On Sale $229.99

(Regular Price $249.99)

Flowing Careers: Navigating Your Professional River
  • ALL of the Gold Benefits PLUS
  • 15% Discount on Food and Drinks
  • 15% Discount on Retail
  • 10% Discount on Cabanas – Cannot be combined with other discounts.

  • Bring a Friend to Season Passholder Preview Day – May 5th *

  • 1 Free Bring a Friend – June 9, 2024*

    1 Free Bring a Friend – June 19, 2024*

  • All Early Entry Days

  • *Passholder and friend must be present at time of passholder’s initial entry.

  • Note:  Park will be closed July 16th, 17th, and 18th for a Private Event.

  • Do I always need to have my season pass band on to enter the park?

    Yes, you must have your season pass band to enter the park each time you visit. If you forget your issued season pass band, you’ll be sent to the ticketing windows to get a new band re-issued for $10.00 each time.

  • If I purchased the season pass parking, do I need to have my season pass band?

    Yes, at parking the cashier will scan your band for parking and verify the picture the parking pass belongs to. After verifying the parking pass a parking ticket will be issued with that visit date and must be placed on the car’s dashboard. If the person who has the parking pass is not in the vehicle, the parking pass will not be valid on that visit date.  A charge of $25.00 for parking that be collected that day with a credit card.

  • Do I have to wear my season pass band when I am at the park?

    No, you don’t have to wear it while inside the park, but you will need to wear it if you plan to use the cashless system.

  • I purchased season pass parking, can I share with others in my family?

    If you purchased season pass parking, please note, it must be attached to one person’s season pass and is not interchangeable.  We recommend you attaching your season pass parking to one of your children or the person that will be attending the most out of your group.

  • Does everyone need to be present to receive their season pass band?

    No, only those season pass holders who are present at the ticket windows for processing will receive their bands. Each season pass holder will have their picture taken during the processing.

  • Is it OK to wear my season pass band in the water?

    Yes, the bands are intended to wear while visiting the park and in the water. The bands will dry quickly. Wearing the bands in water does not damage the bands.

  • What happens if I lose my band?

    If you lose your band, you will need to go to Ticketing windows to replace it. The replacement fee is $10.00 each time.  Stored information will automatically transfer to your new band. The lost band and its information will be deleted and will not be a valid band to use for entry.

  • How do I know which bands belong to which person?

    Each band is assigned to an individual person with their photo and name. The pass holder’s picture will appear each time you use the band. It’s important that each person wears their own band. Inside the band, there’s a spot to write the pass holder’s name.

  • I was a Season Passholder last year and had a portal where I could see all my information.  I no longer can find that?

    Wild Rivers has transitioned its season pass processing store to a new system, eliminating the requirement for pass holders to create accounts. This change reflects a shift towards enhanced security measures, particularly important within a cashless environment. By adopting this new system, Wild Rivers aims to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of pass holder information while facilitating seamless transactions without compromising on security standards.

  • How do I load money onto my season pass band?

    When you come to the park to process your season pass, you can link a credit card and set up a cashless account.  If you choose not to do so at the time of processing, you can always set it up later by going to the main ticket office outside of the park or Bungalow 5 inside the park.

  • How can I add money to another person’s band in my family, if I am not at the park?

    It must be done at the park, but you can set up family members on your account and allocate spending limits.

  • Can anyone with my season pass band use it to purchase something in the park?  

    No, you will set up a 4-digit pin during registration that you can choose to share with those individuals that you want to have access to your account.  You can change the pin at any time in the park.  If you lose your band, you can go to Guest Services and remove and replace that band.